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  • WineBourse Ltd
    London, United Kingdom
    WineBourse is a low cost online trading platform for cases of wine stored in UK and European bonded warehouses. The trading platform is designed for private collectors and industry professionals to transact anonymously, efficiently, and securely in a real-time marketplace. WineBourse uses a secure transaction clearing process on every trade called Delivery versus Payment, which is a Global Financial Markets standard for the settlement of commodities. During the “trade clearing period” the objective is to ensure simultaneous exchange of the wine for the receipt of payment. The standard is to administer this process through an independent third party, often referred to as a Clearing company. WineClear is the clearing company for WineBourse group. WineCustody is the group's custodial company, offering extremely competitive retail rates for wine storage with the most secure corporate structure for handling wine in consignment.
  • BI Wines and Spirits
    London, United Kingdom
    Established in 1997, BI has grown to become one of the leading European fine wine merchants with offices in London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Los Angeles, and a rapidly growing international customer base. Our product offering covers all the traditional wine growing regions of Europe plus the best of the New World.
  • Octavian
    Gastard, nr Corsham, United Kingdom
    Finer, safer, more valuable wines - Octavian-stored® - Renowned for its peerless cellarage environment and culture of care, Octavian has been the choice of collectors and the fine and specialist wine trade for almost 30 years. The Octavian Vaults Service embodies excellence. From a world-class storage environment - in which wine laid down to mature becomes more valuable - to the highest insurance levels of any cellarage provider, personalised care and a host of services designed to add value to customers, prove provenance and streamline transactions as collections change hands, there is no fine wines cellarage expertise quite like it.
  • Atlas Fine Wines
    London, United Kingdom
  • Burdett Wines Ltd
    St Ives, United Kingdom
  • Carringtons
    Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Christopher Keiller Fine Wine Services
    Southampton, United Kingdom
  • Corking Wines
    York, United Kingdom
  • FINE+RARE Wines Ltd
    London, United Kingdom
    Established in 1994, FINE+RARE provides a global platform to buy, sell and store the world’s most exclusive wines and spirits. With offices in London and Hong Kong, we offer customers in over 230 countries unrivalled access to over 75,000 lines, plus impartial, tailored guidance based on respected third party reviews and market insight. Our world-class storage facility at London City Bond meets HKQAA standards and contains a state-of-the-art authentication laboratory.
  • GrapePip Ltd
    Melksham, United Kingdom
  • Harlington Wine Ltd
    Oxford, United Kingdom
  • Renaissance Vintners
    London, United Kingdom
  • VinQuinn Ltd
    Redhill, United Kingdom
  • The Wine Broker
    Bromley, United Kingdom
  • Winebinends.Com
    Luckington, United Kingdom
    Dublin 9, Ireland

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