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  • Amphora Design Ltd
    Bath, United Kingdom
    Amphora Design is the only specialist design consultancy working specifically with the wine trade. Many millions of pounds worth of Amphora-designed wine is sold every day in the UK market alone. Established in 1992 and operating in central Bath, Amphora has evolved in direct response to a need from within the trade for a knowledgeable, straightforward approach to achieving effective design solutions.
  • Barlow & Co
    London, United Kingdom
    Barlow & Co is a design and marketing agency dedicated to the wine industry. We love wine, it runs through our veins (well, not all of the time). We not only understand wine, but more importantly we understand what the trade and consumer needs to make them choose your brand. From branding and identity, packaging, wine label design, advertising campaigns, point of sale, print material and website design, we create winning ideas that get you the results you need.
  • Aceo Ltd
    Highnam, United Kingdom
  • Applic'Etains
    Nontron, France
  • Brand Foundry Design
    London, United Kingdom
  • CookChick Design Ltd
    Brighton, United Kingdom
  • Dagwood
    London, United Kingdom
  • dare!
    Harrogate, United Kingdom
  • Dura-ID Solutions Ltd
    Sheffield, United Kingdom
  • The Label Makers Ltd
    Bradford, United Kingdom
  • MCC Label
    Daventry, United Kingdom
  • Nightingale Austen Designs
    Effingham, United Kingdom
  • The OPM Group
    Leeds, United Kingdom
  • Purple Creative
    London, United Kingdom
  • Smith & McLaurin
    Kilbarchan, United Kingdom

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